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The following Categories are approved for designating your giving:
1.  General Offering 
- this will be divided 90% for Operating Funds and  10% for Capital Funds.
2.  Capital Offering 
- this is for the building, grounds and capital fund and  100% of your donation will go into the Capital Account.
3.  Benevolent Offering 
- this is for the charity account and 100% of your  gift will go into  this account for distribution to  worthy causes and people in need.
4.  Support Accounts 
- 100% of your gift will go into the Support Account  for the staff person you designate.  You must  designate a person - if you  do not then it will  go to a default.
Please indicate in your comments box how you want your donation applied.  If you do not the default will be to the General Offering.
Thank you for giving to The Lord's work.

We are a church that budgets in this way (after obligations are met):
- 40% of general donations to outreach and evangelism
-  30% to internal ministry
- 20% to charity fund
- 10% to leader development

If you want to give a different amount please change the quantity while you are checking out.  For instance if you want to give $100.oo you should change the quantity to "4" because 4 x $25.oo = $100.oo

Remember, you must tell us how you want this donation to be used according to the above options. If you do not it will default as a general offering. Thank you for giving to work of the ministry for The Lord Jesus:

Designated Giving

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